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Joined Mar 2, New ones are un bent. My tube bending skills are weak at best.

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Anyone with a parts car that can remove the right ps metal line that runs from the rear junction to the rubber brake hose? Need asap. Thank you. Please pm or email to jaffe dot michael 1 at gmail dot com. Joined Mar 27, Metafly said:. Line ruptured.

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Joined Sep 17, WTB a good used prechamber for an OM 2. Hopefully someone has a junk engine out there somewhere Joined Jul 18, WTB: Front bumper 'tie down' 'tow hook' cover. Any color will work as iv'e been trying to find one for a LONG time now.

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Joined Nov 22, I know of someone who may have a d 2. How much would you be willing to offer him for that part, I can check with him to see if he still has the car. Joined Dec 20, Switches are included! Red switch does not work. Joined Apr 15, The current Bra Recycling Campaign will be held until 28 February , but the collection drives by Wacoal are held quite regularly so look out for its return some months down the road! Image credit: incongreen.

Furthermore, Incon Green , the company behind these machines, is looking to implement crediting to EZ-Link in the near future, meaning your bus and train rides may well be fuelled by cola! You can find these machines in many spots across Singapore, including bus interchanges, cinemas, and MRT stations. Click here for the full list of locations. The value of your trade-in will then be deducted from the price of your new phone, lappie, or tablet purchase.

Image credit: thelaptopexchange. Just like Apple, PC Dreams allows you to trade in your old laptop for a partial refund on a new set through its Laptop Exchange , although instead of an on-the-spot value appraisal of your device, you fill in an online form before heading down to their shops and handing it over. You might want to think twice before discarding items that no longer seem to serve a purpose, since they could potentially be exchanged for discounts or even outright cash.

Did You Spend Wisely on This Year's Trade Show Freebies?

Always recycle where possible, instead of simply binning packaging from things you buy! So, be brave, fly the company flag. At an exhibition freebies give your brand visibility that continues long after the doors have closed and everyone has gone home — making them a fantastic long-term cost-effective investment. Looks are important element of your exhibition stand. And this applies to your freebies and how you present them too.

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Promotional gifts are key to getting noticed in a sea of other exhibitors, so why not incorporate them into your stands visual display? Arrange the stand in such a way that shows off your freebies in an eye-catching way that entices people towards the stand and makes them want to talk to you. Once they are hooked with the giveaway, you and your brand will be foremost in their mind.

Choosing the right freebies to give away during an event is important.

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Not only should they be relevant to your business or industry but they can provide a talking point and an ice-breaker, so you can quickly move on to how your company can help them. So if your company firmly believes in helping the environment, why not give them a reusable bottle or a recycled notebook.

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This will send a strong message that potential clients can immediately grasp. One of the main reasons that companies attend exhibitions is to get leads, and your freebies can definitely help you accomplish this. You can use your gift as a way of getting people to engage with you, getting them to visit a presentation or demonstration later on in the show. Get creative and use your promotional gift as your business card.

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Being different or unique works as it enables you to stand out from the crowd. For over 20 years, Tom Rigbyhas helped businesses across the UK to find their voice and communicate their messages, in print and online, whether they want to generate sales, attract customers, inform stakeholders, educate the public or persuade them to join a cause. He is a published author and occasional contributor to a number of publications.

If you are attending your first trade show or even if you have been to many in the past, it is important to consider carefully. There was a time, not so long ago, when exhibition flooring was made of one material, came in one size and was available in two. We will only store and use this personal information to get back in touch with you.

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