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Extreme couponing is a product of the recession. At the beginning, at least, it was an activity driven by a sense of need, undertaken by those who were not truly needy. From the WSJ :. The year-over-year percentage increase was the largest since Inmar started tracking the statistic more than 20 years ago. Though surely any household can put any extra money in the budget to good use, extreme couponers—the ones that proclaimed that identity—did so as a hobby first.

Some donated their spoils , but in general the premise of the activity came much closer to an extravagant form of hoarding: people filled their garages with condiments that would expire before anyone could eat them and deodorants that would never get used. It was an American activity through and through—the Super Bowl of home ec.

I was at the workshop to find out. The workshop was held in an Oxnard, California hotel, which shares a parking lot with an outpost of DeVry University. Oxnard is one of those cities best looked at through a rearview mirror, and often is, with the jutting right through it, beckoning you to exit. It is, in sum, the perfect locale for an extreme couponing workshop.

I secured my free, naturally ticket to the workshop online; this, I noted upon entering the hotel ballroom, was apparently unnecessary.

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There was no one there, save an excitable blonde woman eating a salad out of a reusable plastic container, a middle aged bald man with a walrus-esque mustache and a woman who seemed much too young to be cavorting with the other two. My fellow attendees eventually began trickling in, many of the women wearing faux leather fall boots, tights as pants, and slouchy sweaters with Native American prints on them. Money was tight— real tight. Though I do save some money not like I want to.

Just ask your friends to save coupons for you. When you have a little cash you can even buy coupons from a coupon clipping service on ebay. If you did this before, it is even easier now with printable coupons. I also live in Oregon and the store Alertsons has some double coupons you can use to double up to a 1.

Free coupon workshops will teach a lot

You have to buy the newspaper. So it does take time. So, if I have a coupon, it expired Aug. That helps a little.

Free coupon workshops will teach a lot

I have no stores that will double coupons like you see on t. I live on the boarder of WI and MN. I was able to stock up on toilet paper 3 mo. Thank goodness for sites like this. There is a few. We have Jewel Foods and Ultra Foods. They do not double coupons nor accept expired coupons. How can I organized and get coupons. I am a single mother and laid off and trying to stock pile non perishables like toilet paper and detergents. How can I do that? Thanks for your time. Do you know if stores will take No Expiration date coupons that do not have a bar code on them to scan? They also do not have a bar code to scan.

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The checker would have to put in the coupon price manually. I know here in Jacksonville, florida.

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Winn-dixie will also take expired coupons. I have only tried it through the self check out lane where you scan your own. I am not sure through a regular lane. I really am missing something here, I think what you did was amazing!!

But i have doing this for 6months now, watched videos, tv shows, read the blogs, and i have never come close to that kind of savings…. I live in oregon and the price matches are not all the same. Just wish i could have that much success too. Good for you for figuring it out.

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I live in WA and I do not save as much as most people do with this. I think in the North West the coupon policies are more strict. Learning to do strategic couponing is a great start. Read the couponing blogs. Create your own plan. I started by making a list of the items which comprised the majority of my household expenses and focused on couponing those first. THen, we had a stewardship class at church which included how to begin couponing strategically not the hoarding stuff you sometimes see on tv.

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